Materioteca Sustentável

The  “MATERIOTECA” with emphasis on sustainability – a new approach for the selection of materials applied to the project, is a proposal that aims to make feasible an analysis of sustainability (social, economic and environmental) in the various materials used in products design.

To achieve this main goal were defined the following objectives:

  • Identify the characteristics of existing materiotecas, listing their main attributes and areas for improvement;
  • Define the groups of materials that will constitute the materioteca, as well as the technical characteristics of the bibliographical and technical collection that will accompany each group;
  • Define the aspects to be considered in the sustainability approach, using the ESA model (economic, social and environmental sustainability);
  • Assemble the materioteca and carry out the analysis of each material according to the ESA approach.
  • Validate the proposal through a survey with the first users of the materioteca;
  • Associate the materials with the construction / manufacturing processes;
  • Associate the construction / manufacturing processes with the products: Social Housing and Furniture.

Data from research carried out are being made available in this instrument.

The mentioned materioteca is being implemented in the campus of UFSC, in the Department of Architecture and Urbanism, together with LABRESTAURO, with free access to students especially in the areas related to product design activities, such as engineering (civil, mechanics, production, etc.), architecture and urbanism and product design.


For the intended purpose, the materioteca with an emphasis on sustainability must fill a gap in the existing materiotecas, as it allows the user to have, in addition to samples and reports containing properties, characteristics, application examples, demonstrations, etc. (common to existing materiotecas) the analysis of the sustainability of materials, compared to other materials directly competing for each specific application. This analysis will cover social, economic and environmental aspects.

Students, who will be the designers of the future, need to know not only the technical issues involved in their projects, but also to be aware of their responsibilities.

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