The Labrestauro / Matec – Laboratory of Restoration, Materials and current and retrospective Constructive Techniques is located in the hall of the Department of Architecture and Urbanism, Technological Center, Trindade Campus of the Federal University of Santa Catarina.

The laboratories of a Higher Education Institution should support the activities of research, teaching and extension, developed by teachers and students, at undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as support the activities of the Research Groups of its members. Thus, it should privilege the activities developed in the Department and Courses to which it is linked, but it can also meet the demands of other departments and courses, focusing on the specific problems of common interest or in the area of knowledge.

Labrestauro / Matec is the space where the Virtuhab Research Group develops its activities, as well as supporting activities developed in the disciplines of Building Technology, which are part of the Architecture and Urbanism Course of UFSC.

The laboratory is open to visitation, being necessary to make an appointment in advance.